When you attempt to run software or game, you will get ‘msvcp100.dll’ error. It is a windows based file which will be called upon during the runtime. The file is written using the C++ standard library. If the file is missing on your computer, you will receive such kind of error message. How to fix the msvcp100.dll error?


Fixing msvcp100.dll error message

Msvcp100.dll error message will be displayed as follows:

The program cannot start because msvcp100.dll is missing from your computer

Before fixing the error message, you should understand the common causes that lead to the error message. The error message will occur when the file is missing, removed or deleted. It will result in the corruption of the computer and affects the functionality as well. If the msvcp100.dll file is missing, you can understand that there are registry issues as well. The issue might be caused due to malware or virus problem.

Various ways to fix the error

There are different ways to overcome the error message.

  • If you suspect any program causing the error, the reinstall will resolve the issue. The reinstallation can be done directly from the software CD or from online. The issue might be resolved.
  • When the file is deleted accidentally, it will be found in the recycle bin. There are chances that the msvcp100.dll file might be deleted accidentally. Hence, the file should be restored from the recycle bin. If the file is deleted permanently from the recycle bin, you should explore other options.
  • If your computer is infected with virus or malware, by running a virus or malware, the issue should be resolved. Hence, you are advised to update the virus software and a complete scan should be performed so that there will not be any issues. The selection of a good virus tool is the key to resolving the issue.
  • Sometimes, you should sort out the driver issues. If you are playing games, you might be able to play the game if video drivers are damaged. Drivers should be updated by using the Windows Control Panel.
  • A simple System Restore option should fix the issue in most of the cases. The computer will be restored to the previous best working point so that there will not be any issues. You can also go for windows start-up repair so that complete dll files will be restored in a very efficient way.

If the issue is not resolved by performing one or more of the above- mentioned steps, you should want to go for a high-quality PC repair tool. The tool will detect the error and fix the msvcp100.dll error automatically. If there are invalid registry entries, they will be repaired. The tool can also deal with ‘Blue Screen’ error issues. The system response will improve, and the overall performance of the computer will be very much enhanced. If you are downloading the msvcp100.dll file from the internet, you should choose the right source so that the system will not be infected.